Frequently Asked Questions


4 simple steps:
  • Order at
  • Pack your things (we’ll deliver materials if you need them)
  • Print all labels, and affix labels to all storage
  • Your items will be back in your dorm when you get back for Fall Semester
First, create your account on Then you can log in and create an order. All our orders are placed right here on our website. Click ‘Start A New Order!’ at the top of the page, or click here to get started.
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Yes, we are happy to refund any charges for storage or shipping, provided we are given five business days notice. Unfortunately we cannot process any refunds on packing materials if you have already received them.


You don’t have to do anything other than order your supplies and then we’ll deliver them directly to you starting on May 1st. Please do not contact us about not receiving materials until 48 hours before your pickup window.
No worries, if you or your roommate are not present when we come to deliver materials, then we will leave them outside your door.
No, we do not require the purchase of any materials in order to sign up for our service, but we do strongly recommend it. You are welcome to use any boxes or plastic totes you may already have. Visit our pricing section for more information, and make sure to check out our packing tips as well

Pickup and Delivery

Yes, however there is a surcharge to pick up and deliver to/from off-campus locations. Piece by Piece charges a fee of $75 for each off-campus pickup and/or delivery.
All on-campus pickups will be contactless. Please pack your items, fill out your storage order online, print the labels that are generated, and leave those items in your room. Once you and your roommates have departed campus our crews will get access to the room and bring the labeled items to storage. No more pick up windows or waiting around to meet the crew.
Of course! We're aware that not everyone knows where they’ll be living in the fall by the end of the spring semester. During checkout, simply check "I do not have a housing assigment for the next semester". We'll send you a reminder email to update your address so we can deliver your items.
Yes, if you’re coming back to campus on or before August 15th, then make sure to select the “I’m coming back to campus on or before August 15th.” option for delivery.


We certainly can. Our billing cycle has 3 sessions per calendar year: Spring, Summer, and Fall; and all storage pricing is per session.
E.g. if we pick up your goods at the end of the Spring, store them over the Summer, and you study abroad during the Fall, you will pay for 2 sessions: Summer and Fall. Make sure to select the "I am Studying Abroad" option when filling out the “Delivery Info” section and we will include the storage fees for the time that you will be studying abroad.
Yes. You should not store any cash, jewelry, or any other items of extraordinary value. Also, do not store any hazardous materials, liquids, or any flammable substances.
Our storage facilities are located in Woburn, MA and Easton, MA. Both locations are a short drive from BC's Chestnut Hill campus.


Piece by Piece will pick up and ship your boxed items. When you are packing your boxes, make sure you write ‘FOR SHIP” on them. We'll take the boxes back to our warehouse, create shipping labels, and arrange for them to be picked up. We will send you an email with the tracking numbers for each box. We can ship boxes anywhere in the continental United States, but unfortunately cannot offer shipping services to Alaska, Hawaii, or any international destination (including US territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) Please note that boxes without shipping addresses will be placed into storage and additional fees will apply for us to retrieve them from storage and ship them at a later date.
Shipping costs are a function of three factors - dimension, weight and destination. Typical costs are $1.50 - $3.00 per pound. Any single item over 40 pounds is assessed a 'heavy item" fee by UPS. Note that all shipping charges must be billed by credit card, as we will be unsure of the actual cost until the items are received at our warehouse, weighed / measured and entered into the UPS system. Once calculated the shipping expense will be charged to the card on file.
Due to regulations imposed by UPS, we can only ship boxes, trunks, and suitcases.

Pricing and Liability

Piece By Piece does not provide any insurance for your items. You can purchase coverage in these base amounts, as well as incremental amounts:
  • $10.00 for $100.00 total coverage
  • $15.00 for $250.00 total coverage
  • $30.00 for $500.00 total coverage
  • $55.00 for $1000.00 total coverage

Any claim for loss or damage must be filed within 10 days of delivery of the damaged item. Claims must be filed by requesting a claim form from PBP. PBP will process the claim once the completed claim form is received, and issue a reply to the Customer within 14 days of the receipt of the claim form and accompanying documentation.
It can vary greatly depending on what is being stored, how long it is being stored for, and whether it’s coming from or going to an off-campus address. With that said, the most common situation is a student who is living on-campus in both the Spring and Fall, storing for one session over the Summer. Those orders are usually $200-$400.
What the price covers differs slightly depending on whether it is Materials, Storage or Shipping. Remember that all off-campus Storage and Shipping pickups and deliveries are charged a $75 fee.
  • Materials: Covers delivery of materials.
  • Storage: Covers the pickup, storage, and redelivery of the item for all on-campus housing. Click here to check pricing for specific items.
  • • Shipping: Covers the pickup, processing and shipping of the item.
  • Materials: Flat cost per item.
  • Storage: Storage charges you a flat cost per item, per session. Please see the storage pricing section for specific pricing for items. There are 3 sessions per calendar year: Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Shipping: Charges aren’t known until we have picked up the item and can determine how much it weighs and where it is being shipped.
Unfortunately, PbP cannot be held liable for damage to items in boxes that our staff did not pack. This includes items that are damaged due to the box being overpacked (Check out our packing tips so this doesn’t happen). If the box itself is damaged for a reason other than being overpacked, please let us know.

Any claim for loss or damage must be filed within 10 days of delivery of the damaged item. Claims must be filed by requesting a claim form from PBP. PBP will process the claim once the completed claim form is received, and issue a reply to the Customer within 14 days of the receipt of the claim form and accompanying documentation.
Liability coverage is provided by UPS that covers loss or damage of an item if it is determined that the loss or damage was a UPS error. The coverage is free of charge and limited to $100.00.
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